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Character Profile


About 5'7" in height, she's a twig of a woman with nothing to particularly boast about in the T&A department. She looks quite youthful, appearing to be in her twenties.

Imogen has very vibrant ginger hair, which tends to have a wild look to it, as if it refuses to be tamed by brush or by straighteners, or Imogen just can't be bothered to care for it properly, it usually ends up in some scrappy bun or pony tail. No matter what she does to it though, it always seems to just suit her.

Freckles covers nearly every bit of her you can see. She has bright blue eyes, and is reasonably attractive. She doesn't bother to wear make up, and tends to prefer practical clothing such as jeans and comfy sweaters.

((App: 3))


Imogen comes off as socially awkward. Her words usually cold and blunt, somewhat emphasised by her crisp posh british accent. She is quite aloof, and often acts with little reguard for others feelings. She often seems rude and sarcastic, with little patience for people.

Play Style

Hardcore, but lives in the UK. No restrictions

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