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      "Everyone crashes. Some get back on. Some don't. Some can't."



"You know Roese, I type your name into Google and I get all sorts of flowers, and that ain't nothin' like you.              

 Now i'm a traveller but everything about you just says a coupla' hundred more miles, huh? Got hair like

both your parents were some kinda' Texan truckers and did you have to come into the apple like such a

Goddamn stereotype? Decked out in full leathers like this was some highway. Smell could be better too

but I guess oil beats half the scents this city has, huh. Still, you got your bounce, always bumpin' an' smilin'

like some kinda' speed addict. An' I don't mean your kind of speed, but on that-a note could you slow down when ya' talk some?

Still, no gangbangers gonna' pick a fight with someone who looks like they just came out of one five minutes ago, you rough sunuva-what.

And sometimes that look, man, when you ain't smiling it's like you're lookin' for something and everyone in the world don't want it to be them."

OOC Notes

Play Style: Hardcore.
Graphic Content: Anything goes

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