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In his late twenties or early thirties and standing at five foot ten, Gus has a naturally powerful build with wide shoulders and a strong back. His darker complexion hints strongly at his native American Indian ancestry, while his hazel eyes have a more European look to them. Dark long hair is pulled back behind his head. His nose may have been busted at one point, but give his face a certain amount of character to it when added to his high cheek bones. His black leather jacket seems like he may have slept in it and although not dirty in any way he does not seem well rested. Although wearing long sleeves and higher collars some amount of scaring can be seen on his neck and arms that may have been a result of some sort of mauling. He is usually carrying a shoulder bag just big enough to hold a laptop.

While not a natural people person he seems approachable, and always seems interested in what people have to say. He is observant but naturally avoid looking other directly in the eyes. His voice is very deep and expressive, and he has a slight accent which can't easily be placed.

Fame 1 For those who read a lot, Gus is a fairly well known non-fiction writer who has written several books in the true crime and War stories genre. His latest book Dark Trail, the story of the Deep Woods serial killer was released this year.



Often seen with Gus is a large German shepherd who is is well proportioned and very strong. This dog seems keen and alert and very obedient. His black Collar has a tag that clearly says Service dog on it.

Graphic Content

Not interested in any sexual content at all.

Play Styles

Casual to Semi-Hardcore But Rl is hectic

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