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Ginney is a scrawny 5'9, usually in shoes that put her just under 6'ft. Crowned by an out of control head of long brown hair, she is always dressed conservatively in preppy wool jumpers or corduroy blazers. Nothing seems to fit right, clothes are over sized and awkward as if they belong to a much heavier person. Hipster tortoise glasses frame round heavily lashed gray eyes. She is never without at least one large leather bag and a backpack. A young looking twenty something despite the dated wardrobe. If one were to get close enough she smells faintly of rosewater and fresh soap.

Demeanor Shy and slow to make eye contact, she easily becomes animated upon introduction. Posture is almost always poor, thin shoulders hunched in on themselves.

Other Information

Thick and very noticeable Midwestern accent, there isn't an o that goes unrolled.



Semi-hardcore, Anything goes except rape- FTB

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