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Gil Goddard

"If you need anything, anything at all, just ask."

Gil Goddard is a member of clan Ventrue. He is played by Ghost.

Character Profile


Gil is tall and scarecrow thin, with features that look like they were assembled without an overall picture in mind. He’s not ugly per se, he just looks… odd. How odd depends on the lighting. Blue eyes bulge over sharp cheekbones, which somehow makes them appear simultaneously sunken. His large nose distracts from his thin lips and cleft chin, but then there’s his Adam’s apple. It’s so prominent it appears something’s lodged in his throat. His exact age hard to guess at a glance. He could be pegged as a haggard 25, a youthful 45, or somewhere in between.


Gil's not quite as uptight as one might expect of a Ventrue. He's well mannered, as is to be expected of a Blue Blood, but he's also amiable and eager to help other Kindred. He's perhaps a little too nice, a little too eager to be of use, but it seems he's still relatively young. A little naivety is to be expected, then. Whether it's because he doesn't want to be crass, or simply doesn't realize their value, he never mentions boons when it comes down to business.

Common Knowledge



Gil doesn't have much to say about his past. He's originally from England, specifically Bristol, though he spent the better part of his life traveling the United States. He was embraced in Seattle, where he remained until the desire to get out from under his sire's shadow led him to New York. There's certainly more to it than that, but he says the details in between are too dull to recount. He's here now, he's doing what he can to support the Camarilla, and that's all that really matters.


Childe of Maximilian Roth, yadda yadda yadda, Ventrue.


One might say Gil is in acquisitions. It sounds better than fixer, which implies he simply acquires drugs and theatre tickets for people. Yes, he can acquire those things if someone so desires, but he can do so much more than that. He's not bragging when he says that, given a little time, he can get his hands on practically anything, no matter how particular the request. Even so, that's not where his real talent lies. Gil's true specialty is using his powers and connections to fix certain little slips that might threaten the Masquerade. Accidents happen, he understands that, and he's happy to clean them up for the good of the Camarilla. He also knows the value of discretion. So long as people come to him first, no one else need hear about the poor exsanguinated blood doll, the fang flash, or whatever else the problem may be. Once Gil and his associates are finished, no trace will remain. That's not bragging, either.


Given the nature of his work, Gil is frequently moving in the same circles as the Toreador. He's never been one to look down upon the Artistes for their supposed flightiness. Quite the contrary, he recognizes their worth and has assisted various members of the clan more times than he can count. Sometimes it's simply been a matter of obtaining just the right thing to make a soiree truly spectacular, and others it's involved cleaning up things that could've been disastrous if word got out. He certainly won't go into the sordid details. His continued support, not to mention silence, has won him the friendship of the clan as a whole.

Public Opinion

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