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- Gene O'Reilly -

Gene is played by Bones

- Description -

Gene is a tall man, about 6'2" with broad shoulders and a slim waist. A result of a life of labor that is also evidenced in his calloused hands. His red hair shows his Irish Heritage as glaringly as the sun shining off of his fair skin. Dark Green eyes peer out from that fair face that can be smiling and apparently free of any worries, or hard and harsh as a thunderstorm. When he speaks it is with the heavy accent of Boston so that others may not even be able to understand him on occasion, especially if he's been drinking heavily enough. His hair is worn in a 'hardline' haircut and is always kept neatly combed and trimmed as is his beard, thanks to weekly trips to the barber.
His arms are adorned with a variety of black and grey style tattoos, on the back of his left hand a beautifully and carefully done black and gray rose, capped by a string of skulls that leads up his arm into a vision of hell, at least by his interpretation capped off by a twisted clock tower with thirteen numbers on the face. Around his left elbow are the latin words 'Facilis Descencus Averno'. His right arm bears more traditional work, a wheel and anchor, shamrock, what looks to be a family coat of arms, a Samhain Dragon, and the words, 'What goes around, Comes around' circling up from his right wrist. The back of his right hand bears a sacred heart, the only piece with any color in it, and that only being red accents.

- Demeanor -

Life is all about having fun, so do that. Fuck the rest.

- Public Opinion -

"Watch'er mouth or I'll smash it." - Gene

- Play Style -

Pretty laid back on what goes. Will not RP sex though. Fade to black.
Somewhere between Casual and Semi-Hardcore. I work swing shift. For those who don't know, that is rotating from first shift, to second, to third, and back again. This means that in essence I can be available at any time, just not any time all the time

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