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Gabriel Turner


A tall, lanky, discreet, crisply attired and fairly attractive young man of mixed Asian-American ancestry in his early to mid-20s.
Contrasting with a fair complexion, his hair is long, black and straight, usually worn tied back. His eyes are black as well.


He doesn't really stand out in crowds, or rather he will usually be seen in those busier, cosmopolitan and more affluent places where his presence has little reason to draw attention, but he might well stick out like a sore thumb if he ventured into less usual surroundings.
He is polite, a bit distant until actual conversation is established and the topic or person suscitate his interest.
The more perceptive observers will maybe feel his own gaze might not miss much either, though it is neither piercing, provocative, insistent or judgemental. It simply is.

Other Information

Public Opinion


Play Style

Casual for now.
I may ask for fading to black or skipping forward on extended physical torture or lovingly detailed gore, otherwise anything goes.

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