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Frequently Asked Questions

The STs have put a lot of work into providing a detailed and well laid out wiki; however, they can't foresee every possible question that you might have. Here's the space where players can come together to help each other out asking and answering all those burning little questions that live deep inside. Housekeeping! This is not a space to ask venue specific questions.

So on to the questions!

Questions about the Site and Chat

Where does all the RP happen?

The bulk of the RP happens in the chat application (remember to have java installed!). This is done in public and private rooms. Jump into the chat to check out what's going on. HOUSEKEEPING! Unless you have a sanctioned character, do not enter into an active scene. Some RP occurs in your venue's IC section on the forum. Make sure to check the forum.

I can't get on the chat client! What's the deal?!

You need to use a browser that supports java. Chrome does not, Microsoft Edge does not ... learn to love Firefox. To see chat specific content (Player wiki pages, room descriptions, etc.) you will need to enable pop-ups for the site and the chat.

I'm in the chat. Now what?

Chat away! Make some friends! Talk about the weather! You can also ask players general questions about the game. The key is to be respectful.


Where should I start?

This may seem obvious ... we hope it is obvious ... but you should start with the New_Player_Quick_Start. That's what makes everyone happy. From there you can learn more about your favourite venue and start thinking about great concepts. If you don't read the New_Player_Quick_Start the STs get snarky. We don't like snarky STs. Be a sport and do your home work.

Dude! The wiki is huge! Do I have to read all this?

The short answer is no, not all at once. You should be familiar with the articles that are pertinent to your character or venue. There is a great search feature - it is your friend ... use it! Over time you will want to read more and familiarize yourself with different sections. Don't feel overwhelmed. You can always go back and look at something.

My character is ******. Where can I go to find more information?

First ... HOUSEKEEPING! When on the forums or in the chat, do not tell other players which venue you are thinking of participating in. We keep this information hush hush as it cuts down on over sharing and metagaming. We understand that you are all excited ... JUST DON'T DO IT! There, much better. Now, where can you find more information? The wiki is a great source of information. You will see that there are sections for each of the venues with commentaries, policies, 101 guides, and other great pages of information. You should also have access to and have read the core books for your venue. You are welcome to ask general questions to other players in the chat or on the forums, but just remember to try not to give anything away. If your question is still burning a hole in your britches, Poke a ST on the forums.

Do STs do live character consultations?

Nope, nope and nope. If you want to connect with a ST, use the Poke a ST thread on the forum.

What should I expect in the sanctioning process?

Once you have submitted your character and a sanctioning ticket (don't forget that), the STs will review your sheet including all the itty bitty juicy details. From that point it is a process between you and the ST to get your character ready for the mean streets of Gotham. It is very likely that you will need to make some changes to your character through the sanctioning process. Everyone goes through this process. At the end you will get a well thought out character who will be ready to jump into the game. Once you've made changes, how long does it take? There are a lot of factors. The STs do have real lives and jobs. There could be a number of people waiting to be sanctioned. It can take a couple to several weeks.

What should I do while I'm waiting?

You could knit a scarf or some mittens, but the best use of your time would be to go through the wiki and read up on sections you've skipped over. Looks at maps of New York. Check out the street view of the city to get a feel for the setting your character will be wandering through.

Post Sanctioning

I'm sanctioned .. now what?

Get on the chat and jump into some RP! This can seem a little intimidating at first. You can jump into a public room and do your thing. Or, if there are a bunch of sanctioned characters hanging out in the OOC lobby you can ask if anyone would be interested in a scene. Details can thus be discussed and agreed upon (Time, Location, etc.) - Chat rooms can be created or you can use the established rooms in the chat. The wiki also has some great information on how to RP once you are in a scene.

Down Time and Experience

Wouldn't you know it? Your character does stuff while you're not around. Lots of stuff. Want to know what kind of stuff? Check out the Character development article and you might also want to check out the Experience article.

Community Questions

Which venues are more active?

All venues are active. Yup. We have mortals and mages and vampires and werewolves. Pick your favourite!

What time is the most active?

That really depends on your time zone. For the most part there are people on throughout the day and evening. There is some ebb and flow - some days are busier than others.

How often do the STs run scenes?

The vast majority of scenes are player initiated and cross over is encouraged. There are different kinds of scenes which the article lays out. It's not uncommon for STs to lurk and hop into scenes as needed. If players feel they need a ST in a scene, they can pause and request one by sending a contact ticket.

Unanswered questions?

At the top of the page is a discussion tab. Click on the tab and enter a comment. This page will be updated as necessary.

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