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"I can fake a smile. I can force a laugh. I can dance and play the part, if that's what you ask. Give you all I am." -Christina Perri, Human


A lovely female of average height (5'6") and weight (135 lbs.) with fair, sun-kissed skin of a soft golden hue and flecked with cute freckles over her shoulders, forearms and thighs. Her facial features are an attractive mix of soft feminine curves and the hard masculine lines of her nose and jaw. Neatly plucked, though distinctive brows arch coyly over cobalt eyes both shrewd and teasing, framed by thick black lashes of a nearly unnatural length. Her lips are perfectly proportioned to her face, thick, round, and turned up slightly at the corners in a quietly knowing smile. Across her cheeks and nose is a pale spattering of freckles. Because of her natural beauty, only the lightest touch of make-up adorns her: a thin line of kohl black around her eyes, a soft dusting of ocher eye shadow, and strawberry-tinted (and flavored!) lip gloss. Long rich umber hair falls around her to the small of her back in thick waves with two wide streaks bleached gold framing her face. She has a curvy, though athletic frame with an hourglass figure, ample bust (DD's), and long legs.

You'll usually find her in boots, dark-wash jeans and some type of top that reveals the cleavage of her ample bosom, coupled with either a jacket or her black leather, faux-fur coat and saddle-bag-style purse.

[Appearance 4]


Upon first glance, she can be overly friendly, or even flirtatious in the extreme. With her looks, however, its hard not to want to get to know her, especially with her Texas accent and genteel mannerisms completely removed from the typical NYC environment.


Most men can't help themselves while most women find themselves envious. Regardless, what she wants, she usually gets.

Public Opinion

Play Style

Semi-Hardcore to about Hardcore. I pay less attention when the hubby is home. Anything goes.

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