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Character Profile


Felix Raynoza looks pretty young for his age, far too young to be a cop, but that he is. He wears the uniform with a distinct sense of pride. He's a little taller than average, standing at about 6'3" and probably weighs about a hundred and eighty pounds, though it's evident that most of that is muscle.

When out of uniform, nothing much seems to change. He seems to wear rather cheap clothing, nothing that would seem at all out of the ordinary on anyone else. Usually limited to jeans and a plain white T-shirt. His looks are just about average, nothing a girl'd die for. But generally alright, and he seems to put a fair amount of effort into staying that way.


In a casual conversation, if you can even manage to engage him in one. He gives off quite an obvious sense of both arrogance and impatience with whomever happens to be speaking to him, When he's on duty, it's normally concealed by a sort of forced professionalism. When he's not? Well, he's just not a very pleasant conversationalist.


Not much of Felix's history is known to anyone. Not even his partner knows too much more than the rest, and even if he did, he's not the type who's likely to gossip. What is known is pretty basic. His father was on the force, Felix set his sights on a place within the ranks of the PD too. A successful endeavor. People often speak of Felix's brother, Kyle Raynoza. Anyone who would know such things would be aware that Kyle is a fairly minor player in Manhattans crack scene who operates out of a homeless shelter there. Felix is said to still be quite close to him. Though what that implies is -not- known. Rumors suggest that Felix is -helping- Kyle deal the drugs for a cut of the cash. But you know how tenuous rumors can be...

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