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Evelyn DeMarco

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Character Profile


Evelyn is not a jaw dropping, eye popping model, but she is none the less quite beautiful. Standing at 5' 6", 114 pounds, with a very tone and fit figure, she can definitely turn some heads. Eve walks and presents herself with confidence. She is sleek and sexy, in a more natural, carefree way. Thick, ebony lashes frame hauntingly pale, bluish gray eyes. Her hair is straight, waist length, and well taken care of. It is a glossy, hi-lighted curtain framing a soft, inviting appearance. Her skin is light olive in tone and flawless, thanks to her mother's heritage. One could assume Eve to be in her early to mid twenties.

When at work, Evelyn generally wears faded jeans, turtleneck sweaters, and tennis shoes. Her hair is pulled up into a high, neat ponytail. At this time she wears only a light dusting of makeup.


If at anytime you would like to see what she is wearing IC during a scene, please IM me and I will be happy to post a picture for you.


Eve usually has a smile ready for most people she comes into contact with. She would appear to be a caring individual, ready and willing to listen to other people's problems, etc. Quite energetic, she may be seen running in the early morning hours before work. Otherwise, she can be seen most anywhere in the city.

Public Opinion

Feel free to leave your opinions. I respect constructive criticism.

Play Style

Semi-hardcore to hardcore. If sexual scenes, just for the sake of sex and not essential to the current scene, become too explicit, I will to ask to "fade-to-black." Anything else goes. Throw it at me. Dark themes are a Plus.

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