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Hey yo, I've been high and I've been real low

I've been beaten and broken but I healed though

So many ups and downs, roughed up and clowned

We all got problems, but we deal though

I'm tryin' to do better now, find my inner peace

Learn my art form, and find my inner Chi

When my backs on the wall, I don't freeze up

Nah, I find my inner strength and I re-up- 'Inner Ninja' Classified.


Esme is not the traditional vision of 'beauty'. Its painfully obvious she puts very little effort in her appearance, preferring jeans and a t-shirt to make up and a skirt. Maybe she's self conscious? Maybe she's just lazy? Whatever the reason, she's on the heavier side and sports a 'Plain Jane' kind of look. She's not obese, but she could definitely afford to lose some weight. Standing at about 5'5", her dark hair can be curly or straight depending on how much effort she decided to put into it in the morning.

She's never seen without her camera, and a quick eye and an attention to detail often seem to suggest she's not paying attention if someone's talking to her.

Play Style

Casual to Semi-hardcore to start, subject to change.

Content rating

No restrictions or limits

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