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Mother Fuckin' Ensemble Bitches


Never cry over spilled milk;

It could have been Whiskey;

-Who Gives a Fuck who Said it

Sexy as Fuck

Who I am

I'm the mother fuckin' Pimpin'est Pimp to ever grace the stage. Don't Come at me like you know me. If you want to get to know me, don't look at a fuckin Wiki Page, meet me in the porn room. I'll show you who I am and maybe who you really are too.

What I Like

I like porn, booze, Mongolian Poetry, Show Tunes, Candy Corn, Sequins, Glitter, booze, Rabbits, booze, RP, booze, collecting nails (and nailing), booze, polka music, booze, playing Slipknot on the the zither, booze, Shaving, booze.. And booze.

My Familiar

He's a vicious bastard, that's all you need to know. Don't make me go get him.

Public Opinion

To be determined. Anyone who would like to drop an opinion, feel free.

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