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"Life is a box of chocolates, when you know what you want and get it. A lemon when someone else puts their hand into the mix of things." Someone else has said this too.

Ellowynne Lourdes Dagnies

Short - 4'2". Appearance 3. Distinguishing characteristics - Heterochromia. Speaks: Yiddish, German, English.


"I'm Ellowynne Lourdes Dagnies. It's a pleasure to meet you.

I don't know that I caught your name but perhaps you would be kind enough sometime to tell me it."

"Oh? You can't tell me your name? Why not?"

"You would have to kill me if you told me?"

The truth hurts sometimes. Even from strangers who have kindness running through their veins.------

Comes now the interesting web we weave in the illustrious games people play. Disguise has always been the name of the game. The ability to mask one's physical appearance or their current inner emotional state of being or mind. Even humans weave their own webs and sometimes it's not because they wanted to do it.

Comes now the inadvertent ability to survive and be known as a survivor. To fit into the mold or to stand out in the crowd. To converse with all rather than one. To try and keep suspicions from arising and to know and understand the truth of what truly matters.

Assaulting life yourself comes with a price.------


Sometimes the stuff of legends usually results from stress and psychological trauma. Some have more nightmares than others and some have very few nightmares. Those lesser nightmares often serve fate's purpose to remind one where they come from and where they could ultimately be going.

Psychology plays an absolute role.------

Those tossed around from foster home to foster home as eager adolescents trying to survive and live - often revert to the ways of the father and mother they may have never even had memorable contact with. Such is the case with Miss. Dagnies, who is a lonely, yet provocative woman that shares herself with no-one and everyone all at the same time. People like this tend to go overboard with pleasantries or niceties or untruths they devise to hide from persons closest to them. While Miss. Dagnies does not know my clinical evaluation consists of personal opinions outside of meetings, I would put forth the effort to suggest that she might have had some psychological or physical abuse while growing up. Even under the effects of hypnosis, I cannot get the young woman to confess her darkest secrets to me. I shall have to continue to work with her one on one. Dr. David Drummonds. Chief psychologist

Running away always helps you face the truth.------

Never looking over her shoulder, Ellowynne has left her former home to seek greener pastures in New York. When conversing with her of things of the past, the woman might actually change subject and still stay discreet while doing it. Skilled persons might detect this but the casual person not knowing the woman from Adam might not realize she doesn't want to spill any information unnecessary at the time of introductions. Neither is there talk of work or play and the two seem never to entwine.

It sometimes pays to look better than the person sitting next to you. Sometimes looks can be a curse.------

Wearing clothes that might somewhat appear to be thrift store items you find in Goodwill, she keeps her wardrobe tailored towards tacky and faded blue jeans, tee shirts of various colors and plain tennis shoes. Her hair is often wild and free and flowing in the breeze literally and there seems to be no control of the ill-gotten temperamental locks, and even when she pulls her hair away from her face in a loose pinned design the locks do as they feel like doing. All in all, the woman appears to be in her mid 20's, with a very light spray of freckles that are hardly noticeable with the naked eye. Her most striking thing people see first are her eyes which fall from a genetic mutation that causes heterochromia. Even if her conversation isn't memorable, her eyes might linger in the memory for a while like a distinguishing characteristic.

Player style------

Hardcore. As for as graphic goes, I retired from law enforcement federal investigations. I have seen it all.

More to Come------
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