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Character Profile


Elizabeth is an alluring young woman in her mid twenties with raven black hair often braided behind her back to show off the clean and elegant lines of her face.  She stands close to 5'8" with a fit and trim build that hint at an active lifestyle.  Her eyes are a luminous green and almost seem to sparkle with life and energy and hint that within the woman lies a uncanny intelligence that holds in check a adventurous spirit that threatens to bubble free every now once in a while.  The woman moves with a careful and controlled grace of someone who is conscious of the fact that eyes tend to be drawn to her and who secretly revels in the attention she is getting.   


Confident is the best word to describe how she seems to most people that she comes into contact with.   That same confidence bleeds over into everything about her from the way she moves, to the way she interacts with people and helps her to project an attitude that can adjust to fit the varied situations that she finds herself in.  Elizabeth just seems comfortable in all manner of situations like a living breathing adventurer from some old dime novel. 

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