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Character Profile


"Fuck me? Alright, fuckin' listen here. You see those buildings? You see those buildings? Those are pre-civil war buildings. Ante-bellum. Slavery was a thing then, I'll fucking reinstate slavery, buy your whole fuckin' family and fuck your sister infront of you. Get the fuck oudda my face!" - Elijah, during a screaming match.

Elijah's a disheveled, young man standing just under six feet. His usual dress is some variation of scruffy work shoes, cargo pants, and a T-shirt. He's athletic, but that doesn't spare him from much of the other problems in his appearance. He smells heavily of cigarettes.


To put it nicely, Elijah's a socially unaware person -- he'll cuss in front of your six year old on accident, he'll say off-color things casually, that sort of thing. To put it bluntly, he's a trashy cunt. He'll teach your six year old cuss words to say at school once you aren't around if you pissed him off, he'll get into screaming matches with people on a regular basis. That sort of thing.

What could you find from Googling Elijah?

With a little bit of work, you would probably find Elijah's father: William J. Midfield, an investment banker living in North Carolina. Furthermore, if you found his number and called him about Elijah, he'd probably just hang up. Weird. Although, it's probably not. What's weird is that you're cyberstalking some douche.

With a little less work, you could find the Facebook of Judith H. Vue and Kiera Midfield, Elijah's mom and sister. Kiera's a professional trainer living in North Carolina, Judith's retired, also living in North Carolina.

Public Opinion

Nothing doin'

"This ignorant fuck needs to watch his fucking mouth before he loses his God damn teeth." ~ Alana Brody

"They say the empty can rattles the most. Here we have living proof of that statement." - Daniel Rafferty

Play Style

Semi-Hardcore - You are a casual to semi-serious player who logs in more regularly (up to a few times a week). The bulk of your play is in open gaming and player driven stories, but you're up for playing in ST storylines as a change of pace and to meet your character goals. You do have a couple serious milestones you'd like to accomplish with your character. Your play style might be a bit more aggressive as you mix up socializing with a bit of IC scheming. You identify with your characters, and you'd like to see them grow. IRL is really busy, but you try to carve out entertainment time for yourself regularly and keep to it. One of your favoured things to do for entertainment is RP.

My view on graphic content: more or less everything's fine, though, I should mention that I suck at describing.. things, you know? So if you try to do sexy things with this character, you'll be treated to a massive disappointment, much like my actual lovelife.

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