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Ed is not a very attractive man. The phrase "Face made for radio," is pertinent. At 6'2" Ed clocks in at about 330 lbs, and, as such, is severely overweight. He moves with a careful lumbering, swaying motion, and squeezes himself out of the way of people passing nearby. He began balding early in life, and now his formally thick, dark brown hair has evacuated to the sides and rear of his head. Ed doesn't have a beard per-se, but routinely forgets to shave for weeks on end causing a patchy mass of dark hair to hang around his face long enough to imprint it into most people's mental image of him.

Ed wears heavy, thick rimmed black glasses with large lenses; a style that is unabashedly unfashionable even amongst those who think Geek is Chic. He prefers simple clothing like t-shirts, most of which are outdated or otherwise gauche.


Casual. Anything goes.

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