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§(¸¸„.-·~”ˆ˜¨§» Echo «§˜ˆ”~·-.„¸¸)§
§(¸¸·~”ˆ˜¨§» Echo «§˜ˆ”~·¸¸)§
§(¸~”ˆ˜¨§» Echo «§˜ˆ”~¸)§
§(¸.-ˆ˜¨§» Echo «§˜ˆ-.¸)§

This is an OOC player page

Hello! If I am on and you have any questions or looking to play feel free to shoot me a message.

I come here to escape the RL world so please don't be offended if I ignore OOC chatter of that nature. On a brighter note if you want to chat about any of the White Wolf stuff I'm game. I will not discuss IC of any sort, ever. As the site says this is a World of Darkness and I don't enjoy playing house; If I wanted to play house I would go wash my dishes and fold laundry. Other than that all things go with my characters but when it comes to actual sex/rape scenes (it's okay if it happens it is a dark world), I will fade to black.

Semi-Hardcore | Mature Adult. | All adult content is fine but Fade-to-Black if necessary.

It's all Katawampus


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