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Drisella Woolford

Character Profile


Drisella appears to be in her late twenties, possibly early thirties. She has dark brown eyes and hair which is worn straight and long, though often ends up in loose waves by the end of the day. Her skin is slightly tan.

She likes to wear make up, generally neutral colours to enhance her appearance, with a fondness for brown lipstick and lipgloss. She likes reasonably smart clothes if she's officially working. She tends to have a nice casual style to her, though often one that consists of branded designs. She doesn't wear anything too flashey, usually neutral colours, with beaded jewellery, and large ear rings.

[app 3]


She seems to be friendly and reasonably curious

Public Opinion

"This fucking bitch is a goddamn psycho and will ruin your fucking life if she doesn't like you. She lies and takes her shit out on other people with a smile on her face. Fuck her, but not literally unless you want the fucking clap and probably rape charges after." ~ Alana Brody

"Who? Oh, her.. Yeah honey, she seems mos'ly alright 'slong as ya don' let 'er drink too much.." ~ LuLu Montgomery

"Anna is so sweet but I tend to forget about her mate" ~Lyan Massatar

Play Style

Hardcore - UK timezone - no restrictions

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