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Men are more moral than they think and far more immoral than they can imagine. - Sigmund Freud


Devon is a fairly tall man of 6'3 with a lean build and contemporary features, dark hair on the longish side as perhaps a way to seem younger than his thirty plus years. His blue gray eyes though are sharp and intelligent, fitting on a thinker or a predator depending on your point of view. Devon dresses to impress in designer labels and tailor suits when there is a need. The clothes are almost always appropriate though to where he goes, though perhaps a bit much in certain night spots that he occasionally finds himself in.


Devon seems to come off as a slick womanizer most of the time with eyes quick to wander and a smile that won't end. He is well educated and has a well maintained polish about him that perhaps at times seems just a little to clean and shiney. The way he looks at people though can be the worst, like he is looking right into their heads and decyphering exactly who they are inside and that is before they learn what he does for a living.

Professional Life

Those who follow the Psychological Horror book scene might actually know Devon Cross (Fame 1) while others might have seen him around the Brooklyn University Campus where he is an Associate Professor of Psychology. Apart from his own department, Devon sometimes helps out with language courses when there is a need around the school. Professionally, he seems like a rather busy and well adjusted pillar of the community.

Play Style

Hard Core and anything goes.


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