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Debra Roberts

"You're number 4!"

Character Profile


Debra is around 5'5" with long brown hair, brown eyes, and an extremely "plain" face. She is definitely not high-maintenance.

Usually dressing in what looks like random outfits pulled off of the floor, she does not dress to impress, unless told to.

The one thing that people may notice if she doesn't hide it is her prosthetic left foot.


Nervous but agreeable, Debra is easy to open up to, but may be difficult to understand. Most often found with a focus on her e-reader, or other sort of screen.

Other Information

The name "Debra Roberts" returns way too many people on Google for you to tell much about her, and none of the pictures of people match her face.

Play Style

  • Semi-Hardcore

  • The only thing I can't play out is romantic relationships or other sexual encounters (I'm married, he doesn't like that sort of thing, this is a firm rule).
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