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David Jones

A windmill's true power is revealed only when it faces the wind; a person's only when he faces adversity.
Zen Proverb


David Jones appears as an average male in his mid-twenties. David is 5' 6". He has few tattoos:.a tombstone on his left arm, and American Flag on his left forearm, the word FEARLESS across his back. He typically is seen wearing Khakis or slacks and a polo shirt. When meditating or practicing yoga outdoors, he is seen wearing light blue Abadas (lose fitting pants used in in the practice of Capoiera) and either a long sleeve shirt or no shirt at all depending on the weather. His brown hair is cut into a military high fade, but seems to be permanently needing a new haircut to meet military standards. His eyes are a deep dark blue, with touch of yellow near the pupils. He usually has a stubble on his face, as if he has neglected to shave for a few days.


David just arrived in New York from Hong Kong.


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playstyle: Hardcore most of the time, unless an IRL event slows me..
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