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Dane Lanick


Dane is an average lookin' guy, mid-twenties, stands around 5'10, 5'11. He's got a lean, athletic build that allows the designer clothes he's often seen in to hang very well on him. That tends to make up for his otherwise everyday looks. Hair is black, short and usually spiked in a trend-ily messy fashion. Eyes are green. He tends to carry around a small backpack, some sort of very high-quality sporty thing that fits snug on his frame and doesn't get in the way.

Also very noticeable is that one of his earlobes has a triangle-shaped notch in it. It's fully healed and there's no way to tell if it's from an injury or if he's always had it, but it is memorable.


Dane's the type of guy you notice because of things like the way he stands, rather then how he looks. He tends to position himself in very open stances. If he was standing against a railing, he'd be the guy with his back to it, arms outstretched, and looking very laid-back and approachable. He projects confidence and when happening to meet someone's gaze, he general keeps looking, even past when it would be considered 'impolite'. It doesn't seem to bother him to do so.

Other Information

Dane would be known to people who follow two very select crowds- Parkour and Black and White photography. For the photography(Fame 1), he's had stuff in a couple of the bigger magazines(but no main articles yet), won a few online contests, and most recently had works hung at the Hook and Wire gallery. With Parkour, a youtube search of his name would net a few of videos of him doing stuff with other enthusiasts in varies places around the country.

Anyone doing a general search of him on the internet will likely find his personal webpage where he displays his works and offers prints for sale. Prices are on the high side of average for such things, with select prints costing far more.

Public Opinion

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