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Daedalus Clay

"Are you going to play... Or are you going to talk?"

Daedalus is played by DaClems

Character Description:

Daedalus is fairly average-looking for a citizen of Gotham, choosing to mask his natural beauty to appear less flashy in public. Though quite handsome, he chooses to grow a large bushy beard and keeps his hair long. His dark brown hair grows into a bushy mane when he doesn't make time to style it. Typically, he keeps the sides shaved close and pulls the bulk of his hair back into a tight bun or ponytail. His eyes are juniper green with golden-hazel features, beset by thick, bold eyebrows. His eyes are perhaps his most remarkable facial feature, giving him an intense, unsettling stare. Depending on his mood, his eyes can be intimidating, seductive, or downright terrifying.

Daedalus dresses in dark, unassuming colors to avoid attracting unwanted attention. He tends to blend into a crowd despite his usual attire of finely made fabrics. When isolated from others, he is quite a striking figure; bold and masculine, but more in tune with his sensitive side. In public, Daedalus prefers to wear dress slacks, dark jeans, sweaters and long-sleeve button up shirts, but when he's home alone he will wear anything that feels comfortable; usually a t-shirt and some sweatpants or a lavish robe. His wardrobe is not particularly vibrant, as he favors darker, rich colors such as crimson red, mulberry-wine, eggplant, amber, deep blacks and slate blues. His style is sort of a classy neo-gothic, which allows him to blend into nearly any crowd in Gotham.

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