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First Appearance:

A 5'8" strawberry blonde with gappy upper front teeth and a liking for a heavy eyeliner and mascara look to her steely blue grey eyes. There is nothing particularly striking or outstanding about Cressida in a City where the beautiful gather to dazzle and captivate. That is, until she moves across the floor or through a crowded room or across a busy street.                  

Three things people do tend to remember about Cressida:

1/ Her well educated British accent, with a slight London twang

2/ Her front teeth 

3/ The way she moves

You might find her dressed in a variety of styles and ways depending on the occassion but she is always well turned out and never in T's, jeans or trackies unless it's for the gym. 

Play Style:

Semi Hardcore leaning towards hard core. We'll see how it goes.


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