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Character Profile


Usually found wandering around in Lower Manhattan, he is at once a cocky street punk and a smooth and cool playah who is most commonly found in the city’s underground clubs until the wee hours. Tall and lithely muscled the agile street personality, hardened from inner city living, is more than capable of defending himself, yet seems ready to squash a situation with a roguish grin, or if that fails a strong kick to the groin and a stream of epithets that could peel paint will do. With dark brown eyes that size up everyone and everything in the time it takes most people to blink, while in his presence one gets the notion his attention is less like interest and more like an evaluation. With a warm disarming smile, and an extensive collection of hoodies with bold largely offensive statements on them...this man makes his mark as one of NYC’s more interesting citizens.


Chuck's vibe is one of roguish charm and confidence. 80% street and 20% thug, he embodies the magnetic scoundrel rather than a hardened criminal.

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