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Character Profile


Lanky, scrawny, runt, dirty, mangy are all adjectives that describe this hyper active homeless man that got his street name from his obsession with what else?....alphabet soup. Good luck trying to determine his true hair color. His features are hidden cleverly beneath the soot, grime and dirt that is abundant in the alleys of Manhattan. The only feature that is readily discernible on Soup, are his large hazel eyes that dance with the excess energy gathered from one too many meals of Snicker's Bars and of course, alphabet soup. This street staple is always seen with a can of his favorite Campbell's product or is in search of one.


Soup's diminutive stature and incessant stutter are pitiable. He has a childish enthusiasm in his eyes and is always smiling. These combined characteristics make him an endearing underdog on the harsh streets of New York City.

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