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Scarlet Rose Penrose Background Park Ranger Scarlet Penrose is a 30 years old Jemez Indian women, with feathers and braids in her hair. Her eyes are dark brown, and more often than not contain an amused twinkle. She tends to favor traditional native american colorful clothing that fit her esqisitly and buckskins moccassins and shirts. She is never without her Sacred Braided Collar ( she recieved when her right of passage ( her first change) was completed, with her clan symbol on a tourquoise stone braided in her hair. Many young clan members, from differant part of the Rezervations around the state, participated at the The Sacred Hoop Camp when she turned 13. She is a bit shy, with a slight awkward streak and a mild self-effacing manner which many men of her tribe have found rather compelling; but she rarely involves herself in romantic relationships. Morning Star was raised in a small village Mesa Del Lobo (Fake name) in the Carson National Forest, Taos, NM. Mother name was Glass Bird, Father name Running Bear. She was in training to be a medicine women since she was little. She was gifted and taught by the medicine women Evening Star who was the Shaman and medicine women of their tribe. She was home from her training at the Park Service Dept in Taos, learning how to be a Ranger, before she leaves for her job in California. One day she was out picking medicinal plants for her mother to sell at their Tribal Clan tradeing Post, on the rez. Her mother made and sold turquoise jewlery to sell to the tourists who come to their trading post, before hitting the Casinos. It was a calm clear day and you could look for miles around on the Plateaus and forest near her family village. She had a house in the city of Taos, being close to the Park Service where she trained. She had a feeling to look up from her picking of Sand Sage,JimsonWeed, Mormon Tea, Red and Black Kohash, Apache Plume, and Wolfberry as she saw the smoke coming from up the mesa where she lived. She droped her herbs as she ran towards the signal from afar off towards her village. She heard screching of the crows as she saw smoke in the mesa, not just any smoke but a smoke signalling danger. She ran towards the mesa as she bounded up as she heard gun shots from afar on the mesa and heard silent afterwards. Something told her to hurry and as she finally reach the top of the mesa and heard voices laughing as she saw vehicles leaving. The vehicles had a strange symbol on the doors. She only got a glymps of it. But she was to late. Her village had a stench of death and burning flesh. She knew someone was trying to cover up this slaughter, but did a messy job of it. She walked among the dead of her village, her Family and kinfolks slaughtered. None left or so she thought. The womens, childrens, elders and mens that she knew all her life. She bent down and notice no native indian did this, because it was to messy as if someone was in a hurry. Someone planned this. Every young persons of her trib knew how to hunt and set traps for animals for the leaner times in the winter, when the trading post was closed, and no money coming in. She saw movement as she ran and prayed to great Wendigo that someone was alive. She saw her brother as he was slowly dieing. He told her what had happened and what he saw and heard them spoke about her. He did his best to get a message to her before they found him. He gave her a piece of cloth, that he ripped from the man who did this to him. The symbol on the cloth was a same as the vehicle she saw leaving. The men who her brother heard talking was about a Corp who was hunting wolves and told them to use silver bullets when hunting them. Her brothere told her he heard one of the men was worried that they will not get payed the full amount, because they did not find the girl that they were told to find. Her brother said they mentioned your name sis, as he said it, he took his last breath. The last bit was garbled because he was drowning in his own blood, but she heard it clear. Who would know that her Tribe was Wendigo, and how come Someone had betrayed them from the inside. No Wendigo would ever betray their clan. The only starngers was her friend's boyfriend who she she would visit on the weekends with him. She was young and in love and told her that he wanted to know all about her tribe. She came to her home and saw her mother shot in the back, while holding her baby sister to her chest protecting it, while her father was lying near her mother when he was shot in the back also. She took her knife and dug out the bullet castings near her family on the ground. They were made of silver. She thought back to the tribal elders, talking of white men who hunted her people, because they were shifters of the Tribe of Wendigo. The stench of Wyrm was all over her village. She shifted to Glabro, as she gathered her family and kinfolks bodies together which took two days and burned them that she was taught to do. She shifted back to her human form afterwards. It took four days of rituals to cleansed and make sure the dead is safe from evil spirits. She was exhauseted, but the rage she felt of the slaughtered of her people came up from her inner core, as she wanted to go after them and tear them up. She controled her rage by spending a WP point. After several hours went past she got calmer. She gathered the sacred sage as she prepare her cleansing as she sat in the sweatlodge and ate the sacred fruit, as she chanted the sacred Cherokee Prayer Blessing taught to herby her mother. "May the warm winds of heaven blow softly upon your house. May the great spirit bless all who enters there. May your moccassins make happy tracks in many snows,and may the rainbow always touch your shoulder." She fell into a trance as she saw strangers like herself but from many nnationality, and skin color working and living together as one. In her vision she saw a road sign saying RedWood National Park. She was back in her body. It took her four days of purifying the dead and her village. She knew she must leave this place she called home, both her and her home in Taos. Her clan told her the names of other sacred Camps and Caern. Especially the one name ""The sacred Hoop" in Gothem. She went back into the house. Gathered everything she needed, foods, her family papers, including the deed to their land and trading post that was in the safe and money that was left in the USBank bag that was being being deposited tomorrow. She put everything in her suitcase, and carried it to her car and put it in the trunk. Lately she's been worried about her family tribal land. She kept reading the letter she got from home and knew something was not right, because her mother said in the letter that some government agency has been seen asking questions to our people around the area of our family land in the Carson National Forest in the village name Mesa Del Lobo (Fake name). They asked, if they knew me, or know where they could find me. Everyone knows what I do and who I work for. Her family was very tradionalist in our clans ways. Father did not like it, but mother made him see the wisdom in their daughter choice of a career. But she proved to them that she has kept the clan secrets, and do not fall into the whitemans trap. They knew I was in training at the Ranger Acadamy, to train for her job in Calif. Thats why she was at her village for several weeks. She felt such rage, but kept it down, as she was crying and screaming from the side of her car. She slipped down and cried covering her head as she felt her rage coming up, knowing this time their was to much pain and rage. After a while she felt a presence as it spoke to her, calming her beast. She looked up but noone was there. She got in her car and read the letter again her mother sent to the Acadamy. She knew where she has to look for answers, to both her clan and for her brother. Her brother told her where to look for them, as he over heard them talk. She phoned her boss/professor and explained that she needed to get away for a while. He heard about her family, and what happened. He told her that a opening just opened up in the National Forest in Gotham. She put in a request to work there and it was approved. They needed someone of her credentials to work for The Forest Dept. there. She filled out the paperwork and signed her name. Went to the bank and electronically put her account in the Us Bank Branch of Gotham. She sold her home and sold everything else in a garage sale she had. She got everything done within several weeks. Her home was near the university and it was sold to her professor. She had only her suitcase and was on her way.

History Born in 1988, Scarlet is from New Mexico, where she was the youngest daughter in a clan of six brothers. Her father, Running Horse Jonathan Penrose, worked at the trading post with her mother. Her tribal clan owns it, thanks to the governments money, for being 3/4 or more Native American. Her father's clan are superstitious and named his only girl Scarlet Rose Penrose. Her tribal name is "Morning Star", and her mother's name is "Morning Dove". Her older brothers, with the single exception of the drunk and lazy third brother of her's, were hard workers who had little desire to pursue an education beyond high school on the rez. Never one to be laugh at because of being female, Scarlet managed to survive by her superior wits -- pitting one brother against the other, brokering favors, doing her brothers home work. Even though she has a natural distaste for being stereotype as drunks, taking Government handouts that sort of thing. She remained in her father's good graces by performing all the family's bookkeeping and various clerical responsibilities in the store. She kept the family records, did the taxes, and when she was old enough, her father had her handling most of their finances. She did enjoy shooting, however, and earned some respect from her brothers by being a superior marks women. After high school, Scarlet went to Illinois State University with the help of an academic scholarship, and earned a degree in criminal justice and a major in Forestry, She got her Doctorate within six years she accomplished what others took in 8 years. She took any summer courses, as many as she could; anything at all was perfect than spending the summer at her family's Trading Post. Immediately after graduation she applied to the Forest ranger Academy and was accepted. After college She bid her family a fond farewell and cheerfully set off for her new training as a Forest Ranger Academy. With her background in tracking and love for nature, and an expert in shooting the only native american women of her clan to go outside tradition, She was a natural. No one must know she is subject to occasional flashes of intuition which border on psychic insight, and every once in a while she has a precognitive dreams and visions. She still maintains her clan ways, in everything she was[taught about her tribe ways.

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