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Catherine Beauregard


Character Profile


Catherine is an attractive woman of mixed European descent. She stands at average height, with a somewhat slight, but otherwise average build. She has fair skin; long, very dark brown hair - almost black; dark brown eyes, and black-framed glasses. The tone of her voice is somewhat delicate, with a relatively high, but pleasant pitch, and she speaks with a slight Southern accent. However, to a trained or experienced ear when it comes to such accents, there's something different about hers - a less well-known variant of Southern accent, perhaps.

On weekdays, Catherine is most often seen in nice, though conservative, businesswear, usually a blouse and skirt with short heels, sometimes with a jacket over her blouse. On weekends and days off, she will generally be seen wearing fairly casual clothes, though occasionally something a bit more formal - ranging from jeans and a t-shirt to something she might wear to work. Catherine can often be seen carrying a nice, functional shoulder-bag, particularly when traveling to or from work or while traveling around the city. In cold or inclement weather, she'll usually wear a nice wool peacoat or similar long-coat, employing an umbrella when necessary.


Catherine is a polite, pleasant person to be around. She generally interacts with those around her in a warm, friendly way, and upon first meeting her, the impression she makes is somehow familiar and inviting. Despite this, she can be a bit reserved and quiet around others at times, though she's not quite shy. Perhaps she simply has nothing to say at the moment, or maybe she's just busy concentrating on something else. In matters of work, she is very focused, driven, and professional.

Public Opinion

To be determined.

Play Style


Anything goes.

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