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Cassandra LeCroix

" The Assassin and the slanderer differ only in the weapons they use, where one uses the knife the other uses the tongue. The latter is far worse than the former, for an assassin only kills the body, the slanderer destroys the soul." Cassandra, speaking to random thug in an alleyway.

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Common Information

None Yet.


Cassandra stands at an intimidating 6 feet tall. Slender and seems to be very physically fit. Hair of a jet black ( subject to change ), curling softly past her shoulders which compliment her ice blue eyes very well. She walks with a soft foot, graceful and elegant, only befitting that of nobility. Her expression most often is soft, that of an innocent girl, as she only appears to be around the age of twenty one. Always dressed in expensive designer clothing, most likely custom made.

At First Glance

Cassandra can be rather intimidating upon first laying eyes on her, but once she's spoken to, or watched for even a moment. One would readilly identify her as out going, and sweet. Very pleasant to be around, her smile damn near unfading.


Business Owner. DiamondClad Promotions.


Anything goes!

Public Opinion

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