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Character Profile


A woman of exquisite bearing moves from one group to the next among the patrons of Méliès. She wears the finest couture. Tasteful evening gowns which reveal her supple bare back and shoulders are her typical fare. Dresses which show off her thick mane cascades in a tumble of deep flaming red or is pinned up tastefully in a bird's nest or roll. She is in her early 20s and had gorgeous features that are unmatched by even the loveliest of models. She has a regal bearing and an ambiance about her that was absolutely enchanting - as if she were bred for the part she played. Her conversations conclude with one party and she departs and floats to the next. Impossibly ravishing emerald eyes volleyed between the guests with an attentive smile on her smoldering lips. Her voice held the most enchanting and sophisticated of British accents, "Good evening. And how are we treating tonight?"


Caroline moves with grace that would make angels weep. Her ambiance is one of perfection and class - aristocratic. Nothing is ever out of place. She is the embodiment of Old World sophistication and gentility.

Appearance: 5, Charisma: 5

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