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Caitlyn Victoria O’Neill


"How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults, or resolution enough to mend them." - Benjamin Franklin

Character Profile


Caitlyn O’Neill is Irish through and through from her wild red hair to her flashing green eyes. She has a winning smile to go with her laugh lines. She wears dark jeans and jackets, low-heeled boots and practical shirts under her black leather trench coat. As a licensed PI she almost always packs some heat, usually one of her Glocks. She often has her smartphone out texting old pals in Baltimore or surfing the Internet.


Caitlyn has the air of a hunting cat: relaxed and watching, yet poised to spring should danger strike. She uses her sharp eyes to sweep any room she enters and can assess threats quickly. It's easy to peg her as someone who worked in law enforcement; she just has that on-edge attitude a cop never loses once they have it. Under the tough gal demeanor is a passionate woman with a thirst for justice, a rebel with a cause.

Information You Could Find If You Google Her

Caitlyn is a former cop, from the BPD down south in Maryland. She was a decorated cop in the special unit that investigated Domestic Violence cases for the Department early in her career. She was also a member of an elite team that specialized in gang activity and helped bring down an MS-13 human trafficking ring in Baltimore about three years ago.

She has been a private detective in good standing for three years and is properly licensed. She is an active member of the United States Association of Private Investigators and the National Alliance of Gang Investigators Association.

She holds memberships in many activist and human rights groups from big to small, ranging from Amnesty International on the global level to the Rainbow Warriors and Feminists United on the local level.

Play Style

Semi-hardcore border-lining to hardcore, dependent on kids’ demands and writing schedule demands.

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