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"I don't want to know the truth, sir. I have to. There is a difference."
-Cael Cohen, played by Conifer.

Character Profile


Cael's energy falls into itself, undulating and reverberating just under his skin, and reaching outward through his bright eyes. His manner shows great interesting in that winning his attention, an attention that bares down unwithheld, and yet slides by with an unnoteworthy ease when his attention drift elsewhere, as it often does. A pitfall of intensity, and blase, his mood and demeanor raise fade and change like the unpredictable cross breezes of New York nights.


Subtly a clash of nationality wage an unending war in the pit of his chest, the rumble of his throat, and finesse of his tongue. As unseen as an "h" or "t" dropped lazily before a vow, "'ow are you tonight?" To the odd appearance of peculiar sounds, not found in English, in places carefully correcting commonly mispronounces foreign words.

Play Style

Graphic Tolerance: R. Higher tolerance for graphic violence, but may ask to fade to black in scenes involving intercourse, if the scene does not convey essential character traits, and interactions.

Play Style: Semi-Harcore.

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