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All about Bruce

The Look

6'1" Appearance: 2

Bruce is a pretty average looking kind of guy. He's not fit but he's not fat, just a tiny bit pudgy around the belly. Nice calf muscles though. He lets his beard grow because he likes to tell some fares that he's of bushranger stock back home in Australia. Yeah, that's an Aussie accent he's speaking with. But sometimes he shaves because it gets too itchy. He's thinning out on top, but not totally bald, and he keeps his hair short so it doesn't really matter. He wears ordinary clothes, and he has a pretty comfortable demeanour, a bit of a slouch and a bit of a smile most times. He hasn't done much hard work in his life, so his skin is smooth, but has a slight complexion - Mediterranean ancestry from the looks of it. His eyes and hair are brown - boring, ordinary brown. But he's never had a complex about his looks, so he doesn't care.

The Man

If you listen to Bruce speak, you can probably pick up that there's a bright spark behind those otherwise boring brown eyes. He doesn't hit people over the head with it, but it's there if you listen. What does tend to show up far more brightly and clearly is that Bruce is a man who tends to love life, and enjoy his work. His affable, friendly and at times chatty nature is usually clear upon a first meeting with him, and he's as happy talking about himself as he is talking about his conversational partner, or the weather, or politics, philosophy, dentistry, religion or life in general. He tends to stroke his chin a lot, running his fingers through his beard or over his bald chin, if it's been recently shaven. Otherwise though, he's not particularly fiddly.

All about OOC

Play Style

I won't aver to being anything other than casual at this stage.

Graphic Content

Rest assured I'll let you know if something's getting to me. Rape is one place I draw the line.

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