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Character Profile


Brandon is fairly good looking African American man in his early thirties who has a powerful jaw and decent build to go with his 6'1 tall physique.  He moves with a comfortable swagger of a man who is comfortable with power and not afraid to use it to get what he wants.  His hair is styled in a twist for easy maintenance and comfort while still appearing respectable for most any situation.  Brandon is also seen usually with a pair of diamond studs in his ears that fits with the usual power suits that he is seen wearing when in public.  No matter where he is though, he always seems to be wearing dark glasses that hide his eyes. 


He comes off as a cocky bastard most of the time, more then comfortable in his own abilities to actually pull off that swagger that he uses when walking about.  Despite that, underneath the bravado is a man that can be entirely charming when he wants to be and wickedly convincing when trying to get his point across or convince those speaking with him to go along with his ideas or suggestions.  Afterwards though, one clear impression seems left in most peoples minds and that Brandon is a down right manipulative bastard.  Problem is, he's so smooth and charismatic that people still seem to go back for more. 

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