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A diminutive, old bag lady on the streets of Gotham, Beatrice is easily overlooked. Often times swathed in a filthy blanket over ill-fitting old polyester and orthopedic shoes and tacky accessories, this old African American woman spends her time in contemplation over food containers she picks up from trash cans while pushing a shopping cart about upper Manhattan. Though the creases in her face suggest a kindly demeanor, those who stop to give her a second thought get a sharp stare from beady black eyes in return.


Beatrice is a happy, if not a little "touched" lady who has seen her share of things on the streets which has likely led to her eccentric behavior. She hoards trinkets and junk in a tricked out shopping cart and guards it carefully. She also has an air of pride about her, because even when she skulks around with her cart she primps herself up in colorful clothing and plenty of beads and make-up if she can find any.

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