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Barnaby Jones


Barnaby Jones is played by HarryMant;

Character Profile


Barnaby Jones looks like a detective straight out from a noir film, without the hat. He is middle aged , mid - forties, with a kind looking face, a calm voice and a dignified posture. He seems to be of Mediterranean origin, however not as tan as one would expect.

He typically wears a brown trenchcoat over a black suit with a white shirt and a striped black and yellow tie.

While on work he sometimes wears more casual, blend-in clothes, like jeans and t-shirts.


Barnaby is generally calm, and awaits for others to speak first. He tends to blend in with a crowd and escape notice. There is little that escapes his attention though.

Play Style

Casual, i rarely have a lot of time to run a scene these days, but if you want, and we can find a time that fits us, we can play scenes in fragments.

However it will be difficult for me to organize sessions with groups, and will most likely play through posts and forums only

I am not offended by any content, fade to black in anything too erotic.

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