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Description of the character Lilith O’Toole from the neo noir novel “Dark City”, written by Eddy Thorstensen, unanimously thought by people how know them to be a (pretty accurate) fictionalized version of Arienne. She's the main antagonist by the way, and also an ex of the author. It was a bad breakup.

“I should have known that she would be the death of me. She walked into the seedy bar way to comfortably, hips swaying, cigarette dangling from her painted lips, and threw a wrinkled $10 on the counter. A dame like her in a place like this… Her thick, black, wavy 40’s hairdo reminded me of a high class Hollywood star, and the dress of a low class hooker. Yeah, it was cheap and it was vulgar, but my God did it make an impression. I admit it, I stared just like every other chump—we ain’t seen the danger—at those legs, that ass, taunting me to slap it. Lemme’ tell ya’, she wasn’t shy about flaunting the goods, and, it turned out, not about sharing either. I’d end up ripping that ugly dress to shreds before the sun once more rose above the foggy streets and evil skyscrapers. But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, we talked. I enjoyed it, for once—enjoyed talking to another human being—and maybe it was the booze, maybe her witty banter; I failed to see that ill-fitting streak of viciousness in her dark eyes. I would become well acquainted with it, eventually; the bitterness inside her—she was as rotten on the inside as this fucking city. I should have seen it. I was a veteran NYPD detective, for chrissake! I should have noticed the bruise above her collarbone, the way she bit on her nails, the tiny tear in her stocking. She was a bitch off her leash, looking for meat to sink her teeth into, bones to wrap her lips around, boots to lick, get kicked, get subdued by. And I took the bait. Something was chasing her. And soon enough, I’d come after me as well."

Public Opinion

"Oh gawd... Iss-at titty floppin bitch me n Mitch seen at that diner." - Jimothy Patrick

"Fucking cunt needs to watch her goddamn mouth when a bitch tries to help keep her ass out of a fucking ticket, before she pisses the wrong mother fucker off.. then again, may be for the fucking best. Fucking idiot." -Alana Brody

Play Style

Semi-hard core and Black Dog, no holds barred.

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