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I give the name violence to a boldness lying idle and enamored of danger. - Jean Genet

Ari van Deurs


He could have been a heart breaker, if it weren't for all that goddamn ink. Six feet and three inches of eclectic tattoos, piercings, blue eyes, and sharp lines make Ari van Deurs hard to fucking miss. Born a bloodstain in the backstreets of Amsterdam's Red Light district, the boy was destined for the grit and pain of urban Darwinism. Now he spends his nights settled amongst throngs of gutter punks and hustlers in the East Village, or on stage with Schism; fingers marred with chipped polish mauling an electric guitar.


Ari is often the eye of the storm; collected and calm, even if his fist is aiming for your teeth or his mouth is releasing a torrent of vulgarities. He almost never raises his voice, and is prone to losing his train of thought; completely spacing out during periods of idleness (and sometimes in the middle of conversation). But like the flip of a switch, he animates when called out, and at times is as rowdy and potentially violent as the crowd he hangs around.

Notable Stats // Playstyle

(Fame 1): Ari is known amongst the local punk scene as the guitarist and writer for the band Schism; a fairly recent transplant from Amsterdam. They stand out as unique in the scene, as their songs often portray a shockingly poignant view of the mind's inner turmoil, though they also touch on the typical punk rock themes of social injustice, violence, and the like.

  • Hardcore. Hate the game, not the player.
  • Mature Content is for mature players. If you fit that bill, then we have no problems.

Public Opinion

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We so did. :)

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