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Antares Rydael


  Antares stands at 5'8 with a relaxed almost unearthly grace.  He often tilts his head to the right as if examining something others can't see.  His hair is thick and unkempt falling straight down to just below his waist.  Rarely is he ever seen without his tailored black leather duster, generally worn open.  His shirts are typically black wife beaters,  though he is just as likely to be seen without one.   He prefers black tailored pants with large pockets, often adorned with buckles or straps.  Typically his footwear consists of black custom-fit steel-toe leather boots with buckles.  Despite this typical mode of dress Antares does possess a few  high quality tailor made suits.  Allowing him to dress suitably regardless of the occasion. 


  Antares exudes a strange almost palpable mixture of chaotic violence.  Contrasting his dark almost lifeless presence, as if he were standing in the midst of a blackhole.  He is always alert watching everything with an intense, uniquely predatory gaze.  Typically he shows little to no emotion, but inside his head the gears are always turning.

Play Style

Semi-Hardcore: I have a rather hectic schedule so I do what I can with the time I have.  Get me in a game though and I can play for days.

Graphic content:  The darker the better, I have no problem admitting I have a twisted side.  My comfort zone is essentially nonexistent, feel free to go wild.


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