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In a world with no systems, with chaos, everything becomes a guerilla struggle, and this predictability is not there. It becomes almost impossible to save lives, educate kids, develop economies.
Bill Clinton

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The first feature of Annabelle people notice is her voice - her name's French, yet her voice sounds like a mixture of upper-class England and middle America. It's always restrained, calm, and thoughtful, though - the care with which she speaks and crafts her words is apparent.

Annabelle Moreau

"Creativity is the ability to introduce order into the randomness of nature."
- Eric Hoffer, Reflections on the Human Condition


A petite woman standing at 5'3", Annabelle is a well-groomed woman that looks around the age of thirty, with only the faintest traces of age caressing her features. Usually groomed in neutral tones of white, brown, or grey, she's rarely seen out of a suitable dress or blouse for browsing and studying. It's always perfectly ironed, fresh and clean, and paired with her pair of black glasses, her straight black locks falling around her face in a fashion that would almost be considered untidy - yet seem too artful to be so. It's certainly hard to describe her as attractive, though - she's too neat, plain, and, well, average for that.


Order. Organization. Everything about Annabelle speaks wonders about her habit of organization, from the leather-bound journal under her arm to the way she absently straightens or tidies up anything that's around her. It's been described at various terms as being the result of something stuck up her posterior, or, simply, her being a slave to an orderly, artistic vision.

Other Information

Annabelle's an intellectual, through and through, and is somewhat gaining activity in New York's circles of academia. While a Google search reveals nothing on her, besides some people with a similar names, the last name does reveal a nasty car accident just outside the University of Maryland in 1999, where law lecturer Christopher Moreau and his daughter Rosalie were killed.

Public Opinion

"The task of art today is to bring chaos into order."
- Theodor Adorno

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Play Style

"Sometimes I think that I, alone, am pure."
- Mr. E, The Road To Nowhere
  • Casual: Annabelle's a political character, but I don't have time for it these days.
  • Graphic: I've got no qualms about delving into the darker side, either; I'm an adult, and believe me, nothing you can show me compares to what I see at my job.
  • Time Constraints: Speaking of which, the only restriction on my play is my career. I work as a police officer: it's not uncommon for me to work bizarre swing shifts while I alternate between studying and going through my recruit phase. This isn't helped by the fact I'm in Australia - so if you ever want to do a PbP or PBEM, I'd love you for it.
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