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Character Profile


Angela is a haughty British beauty in her early 20s of exquisite taste and manners. Her taste is chic, cultured and timeless giving her all the style and glamour of a classic star. She is the height of sophistication and propriety. With a classic British sensibility she frowns at dramatic, vulgar, and uncouth behavior as it is most undignified, unbecoming and unflattering in both men in women. Her features are soft but radiant giving off a romantic yet classic appeal that is smart and feminine.


Though certainly among the most lovely women in the city, Angela's appeal lies in her beauty, elegance, and class rather than in lurid and wanton displays of sexuality. She will never be found in a leather mini, corset with cleavage hanging out and platform boots. Those types of displays are vulgar. She is more like a fine work of art to be treated with care and worshiped, rather than a harlot to be sullied.

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