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Character Profile


Andrew Crosse is the epitome of an old fashioned English gentleman, right down to the cultured and refined accent that is heard when he speaks.  There is nothing average about this man, nothing out of place, and certainly nothing that will give away what might be going on behind his dark blue eyes.  The only thing people will see when they gaze into those orbs is a startling intelligence that seems capable of seeing straight into a persons very soul and mind. 


Most people would accuse Andrew of being a cold and heartless bastard, but it doesn't take long speaking with him to realize that there are indeed emotions lurking deep within him.  In fact, he can come off as entirely charming and conscious of the feelings of those in his presence when it is the time for such things. The rest of the time though, when there is business to be handled, he can seem annoyingly calculating and efficient to the point of appearing entirely incapable of feeling any emotion at all. 

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