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"We all have beast inside but how we express them outside that differ us"

Not good with words, Anatole usually speak with his eyes. 

There are some sadness in his eyes as he speaks.

But for what or for whom... Nobody knows. Maybe even not himself.


Outwardly, Anatole looks like a normal person that you pass on the street. He is just 6' 2" and usually dress casually. Just like other blue collar workers that try to make a living. Only with careful and repeated observation, people notice that he usually wears pants with many pockets. And most often than not, bring backpacks around. He speak English fluently with a bit Southern accent.


Anatole dislike talking except in his field, biology. He can talk for hours to discuss this topic. Some people call him geek. Maybe it's true. After all, many times he often thinking without pay attention to his surrounding. 


  • Semi-Hardcore Player (depend on my IRL)
  • No limit in graphic content
  • Live in Jakarta (GMT+7)

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