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Allan Dougall


Common Information

Allan Dougall, age 23 and originally born in Ireland, is currently employed as a Chief Cook on the merchant vessel M.V. Ascension. Certainly an old fashioned fella he is, and judging by his internet presence you'd probably find more about him if you had that Usenet subscription, or a time machine to go back to the bulletin board's era. But alas, first impressions will do.


Allan Dougall has fair skin, brown eyes and short, curly black hair which is a little brittle. He is 5' 7" and has a average build. His clothes are usually quite old and he prefers them to be patterned. He often wears an gold ring on his right hand. A notable feature is his distinctive accent which people usually find charming.


When spotted drinking inside the bar, your first impression is rather simple: something burdens him and he seemingly wants to be left alone, or he's just more interested in where his next drink is coming from than anything else. Whereas in a good company, or at a poker table, Allan's personality comes slightly more outward.

Public Opinion & Comments

Feel free to comment on anything you like, as mentioned below, I will not take any offense whatsoever ever. However, try to use the format below.

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OOC Notes

Play Style

Semi-hardcore. Leaning towards hardcore.

Graphic Content

No restrictions, give me your worst if you really want.

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