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Alexander Marcellus

Don't want to be rude, but I have to

Nothing's good about the hell you put me through

I just need to look around

See the light that has come unbound

AlexMarc zps1587831f.jpg

Common Information

It's getting cold

Are you looking for ice? Or do you just like the cold? If so, Alex is the one you should be talking to. A fairly quite person by nature, with no control, or perhaps is it interest?, in what's being said. What's this tact you speak of?

If you're just wondering who he is--You'd probably have to look at CUNY. It's said he's a student there, studying biology.

Description/First Glance

'Cause you know we're not the same

No, we're not the same, oh, we're not the same

What are you looking for? If you were to take a cursory glance, you'd see he stands at about 5 foot 10 inches, looking at being incredibly average. He always wears a black hoody, covering his face, along with some denim jeans and then a pair of running shoes. It's an attire that doesn't seem to change, mimicking close to a Gothic or even Punk look. If you were to get close enough, you'd smell nature and running water, a contrast to the smoke and fakenes normally.

Wait, you wanted to see his face? If he's not actively talking to you, or you're not actively looking for him, good luck. His hoods usually up, his black hair also covers his black eyes. A decently attractive face, but nothing to write home about. Yet, that's not what you'd see. His flat black hair covers one eye, sure. But its the headphones he wears. Of pure black and oversized--those familiar with brand would recognize them as SkulCandys--, connected by a wire that goes under his clothes down his body into a pocket in jeans, perhaps to some music device or a phone. They blast, you'd wonder how he's not deaf. Normal etiquette would suggest that he'd stop when approached, but he seems to ignore that.  At most, lowering the sound so that you can be heard--just barely. If you interest him enough, you might have the dubious honour of the sound being turned up--but the headphones hanging from his neck instead.


Now can I go Hardcore!, do you want more

Cookin raw with the Brooklyn boy

So for one last time I need y'all to roar

Public Opinion

No will to wake for this morn

To see another black rose born

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