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This article explains the World of Darkness: Gotham project and the organizational make-up of its contributors.


World of Darkness: Gotham Overview

WoDG is a partnership between creative and technical elements with similar interests led by Thing One. These interests have come together to provide a not-for-profit endeavor to celebrate their common roleplaying hobby using White Wolf’s Classic World of Darkness as a platform.

The atmosphere among the team members is a casual and friendly one. Positions are entirely voluntary. Therefore, we do not expect nor ask any team member to do more than their schedule allows. Balance between work and play is necessary to avoid burnout and so we keep that in mind.


There are two departments in WoDG: Technical and Creative.

Technical Department

The technical department is made up of programmers, network administrators, and webmasters who keep the technical aspects of WoDG running smoothly. They are also responsible for new features within the website and chat and the look and feel of WoDG and its software platforms. Members of the Technical Department are known as Admins. Admins are only interested in dealing with technical support issues and they are not STs. They address and resolve technical support issues through our trouble ticket system. Admins will only handle issues reported within the ticket system as it is the only reliable way to track bugs and technical problems effectively. Please refrain from pming Admins regarding technical issues or inundating them within the chat.

The head of the Technical Department is the Lead Administrator. The Lead Administrator is Schadenfreude.

Without them we wouldn’t have all these nifty toys and the chat wouldn’t be here. So if you see an admin, give them a hug.

Contacting the Technical Department

  • For forum and website related bugs, use our bug tickets in the Character Dossier.
  • For volunteering for any required testing, contact Schadenfreude via forum pm.

Creative Department (Storyteller Team)

The Creative Department is made up of Storytellers and their Narrators. They are responsible for the day-to-day operations of WoDG as well as the creative content of the Chronicle’s metaplot and storylines. It’s the members of the Creative Department, STs and Narrators, with whom the players will interface for any help that has to do with in-game issues and is not of a technical support nature. These positions are on a voluntary basis and no ST will be expected to deliver more than they are able.

The head of the Creative Department is the Project Lead. The Project Lead is Thing One. Vampire and Werewolf.

The Vice Lead of the Creative Department is Static. Mage and Mortal.

Contacting the Storyteller Team

  • For ANY game related business after sanctioning, use a contact ticket.
  • For ANY game related business before sanctioning, use Poke a ST forum.
  • For business or personal conversations not related to the game, you may use forum private messages.
  • Any game business conducted in forum pm or off the books will be voided in its entirety and parties involved will be formally warned.

Social Networking and PR

Somewhere between the worlds of the technical and creative is the Social Networking, Public Relations, and Marketing Lead. This PR role is chiefly responsible for the Facebook page, Twitter, link exchanges, and forum postings on appropriate RPG networking sites.

Social Networking and PR Lead: Frank Lee

Contacting the Social Networking and PR Department

  • For ANY game related business to do with PR, our social networking pages, and recruiting, contact Thing One via forum pm.
  • For ANY prospective STs, contact Thing One via forum pm after having filled out a ST application.

ST Organizational Chart

Project Lead (PL)

Is the overall lead of WoDG and the Chronicle creator. The Project Lead wears many hats including creative production and direction, writing, player and staff management, community development, and lead Chat Room and Forum moderator. The Project Lead supervises the STs of the venues and also serves as the main point of delivery for Crossover storylines, supervises the social networking and PR department, and works with the Technical Lead on development projects.

The Project Lead has several responsibilities which include:

  • Reviewing and Setting Mechanical and Systems Policies so ensure that rulings are consistent and within the scope of WoDG’s core concepts. Core concepts are set forth plainly in the wiki at the root category for each venue.
  • Setting Chronicle Policy and Standards with other members of the team to ensure a healthy and drama-free environment for community members to enjoy.
  • Managing the Chronicle setting by overseeing the Chronicle’s metaplot and delivering the metaplot to the player base. This includes serving as the lead writer of the Chronicle, floating from venue to venue from time to time and acting as a HST to assist in the rollout of Chronicle wide themes and trends and developing major NPCs and NPC motivations, agendas, alliances, influences, etc.
  • Managing STs, and Narrators. This includes recruitment, assisting STs to form partnerships for crossover SLs, promotion, overseeing disciplinary actions involving STs and/or players (The Project Lead is the last word on any issue), creating ST internal policies, and supporting STs by helping with scenes and SLs should they need it. It also includes reviewing sheet work from time to time, ensuring consistency and fairness, assisting STs in complex scenes, involving other STs in crossover storylines when appropriate, and handling disciplinary actions within the venue. Responsible for orienting incoming STs into the team so that they know where to find things and get up to speed quickly.
  • Various Technical duties like...Interfacing with the Technical Department on the development of current and future technical toys for the community. Responsible for the writing and content of the WoDG website and wiki. Lead Administrator for the WoDG Wiki. Responsible for layout and aesthetics of technical tools (CSS, Graphics, etc.)
  • Quality Control. Maintaining the smooth running of the Chronicle overall so that it is consistent with the original vision of the project. This includes reviewing sheet work (sanctioning if necessary and desanctioning when appropriate), STing in the different venues from time to time, popping into Chat Rooms, reviewing chat logs when necessary, and moderating forums.
  • Managing reporting functions. This means ensuring that they and the STs all make use of the proper reporting tools such as the Character Dossiers and the ST tabs in the Wiki. Ensure that all communications are running smoothly between their team members including the ST forums.
  • Managing creative content. This includes the creating, tracking, and managing of venue-wide storylines, creating NPCs for storylines and overseeing the creation of NPCs by STs, managing status/renown systems (this means managing status forums for their venues or running scenes involving holding moots and performing proper Rites, etc.). Approving storylines created by STs.
  • Managing the ST Portal. This is part of the point above, but really needs to be emphasized. Each venue has a portal within the larger ST Portal where we can keep confidential material and ensure that venue specific details are kept confidential and in one organized repository. The Project Lead is responsible for seeing that STs from each individual venue are keeping their portal within the wiki in good working order and easy to use.
  • Managing players. This includes sanctioning player characters and reviewing any applicable disciplinary issues.
  • Maintaining an effective and consistent communication flow among STs and the player base by delegating tasks and keeping on top of the PC Census, providing timely news articles to the community and potential community members, keeping the proper and necessary dialogues going on their venue forums.

Vice Lead (VL)

The Vice Lead's main purpose is to assist the Project Lead and thus is assigned support tasks on an ongoing basis. They also are expected to fill the Project Lead role in the event the Project Lead is unavailable, on vacation, or on personal leave. The Vice Lead is required to be versed in all venues in World of Darkness: Gotham at a minimum and other venues of the Classic World of Darkness are helpful.

Storyteller (ST)

Each venue has Storytellers which report directly to the Project Lead and Vice Lead and serve as the main day-to-day operators of the Chronicle. Typically they are directly responsible for assisting Leads, managing assigned tickets, officiating scenes when necessary, developing story content, NPCing random encounters, and hosting ST events. Knowing their venue is a must. Other venues are not required, but are a bonus.

Specific ST duties include:

  • Managing tickets. This includes any tickets that might be delegated to them by their Lead.
  • Managing creative content. STs coordinate with the Project Lead and/or Vice Lead in developing and delivering storylines to their venues. This coordination typically takes the form of storyline pitches to Leads.
  • Coordinating with and reporting to their Project Lead and remaining current with scene summaries and notes. This includes keeping sheets updated and notes in the Character Dossiers current as well as keeping on top of ST tabs in the wiki and updating them with the appropriate information. Also, STs will keep up-to-date with their venue’s forums.
  • Officiating scenes. Sometimes players require a ST to act as an impartial referee during PvP scenes and combat.
  • NPCing random encounters. STs are at liberty to inhabit random NPCs or permanent NPCs as it suits them to spice up scenes and bring the setting to life.

Narrator (Na)

Narrators are assistants to the STs of a respective venue. They are a casual or semi-casual team member who helps out from time to time by helping STs and Leads with larger storylines, delivering small scale personal storylines to players who wish them, and running redshirt NPCs and random encounters as it suits them or as time permits. It's perfect for starter STs to try their hand at running scenes, while not having to make a definite commitment.

Specific Narrator duties include:

  • Delivery of scenes and storylines. Narrators deliver scenes and assist STs in running storylines when the added help is needed. They can also deliver their own storylines. These usually focus on random isolated events and encounters or personal stories, rather than on venue specific or far-reaching Chronicle wide events.
  • Managing players. Within their own storylines and scenes, Narrators act as STs. They are in charge of their own material and moderate the Chat Rooms in which their scenes take place. They may act as referees if a ST or Lead isn't around. Beyond that they have no player management duties. Players should not field sheet management requests to Narrators.
  • Coordinating with and reporting to the STs and Leads. Narrators do not have access to the ST tabs in the wiki, nor can they do sheet work. However, they are expected to keep STs and the Leads informed as to developments within their respective scenes and storylines using the Narrator Forum. In that forum, the Lead will create a thread for the Narrator in which the Narrator will post scene summaries. The Lead is responsible for seeing that the information in those summaries make it onto the appropriate sheets and ST tabs within the wiki.
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