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New York Public Library, Main Branch
Section: Midtown Manhattan
Neighborhood: Midtown
Address: 455 5th Ave, E42nd and 5th
Owner/Operator: New York City
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A stately granite building guarded by two lions on either side of the façade; the New York Public Library's main branch oozes with a dignified and educated atmosphere. Inside, one is greeted by a marble foyer before passing into the famous Rose Reading Room which is the main reading room and circulation desk. Here amidst the sea of tables, and vaulted ceilings with incredible frescos and imposing chandeliers, New Yorkers enjoy the country's largest public municipal collection in the world.

The New York Public Library system is comprised of 87 branches with most of the collections housed in this building and in the vast subterranean archives directly below this 19th century edifice.

As this is such an expansive library system, there is no way a brief description can do it justice. For more information and RP inspiration, please see the official website: NYPL Official website

Hours: 10 am to 6 pm

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