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NPC landing page. Click to enlarge image.

NPCs are Non-Player Characters. The ones made by players are limited to NPCs which come with a specific Background trait.

Please find below an overview of World of Darkness Gotham's NPC system.


NPC System - How To

Accessing the NPC System

  1. To acess the NPC System, you need to be logged into the Character Dossier with a character chosen from the drop down list. This means that you have to have saved a Player Character by hitting the submit button in your Character Sheet. This way that your character can be selected from the drop down list in the Character Dossier.
  2. Along the list of tabs you will find a View NPCs tab. See the figure on this page.
  3. Click that tab and it will bring you to the page as pictured in the figure on this page.

Creating an NPC

  1. Below the empty NPC table on the View NPCs landing page is a link which says "Create NPC". Click it. See the figure on this page.
  2. This will bring you to a smaller version of our Character Sheet forms.
  3. For each NPC type available to your character that you would like to be able to use in the game world for any action that would require a roll, fill out a NPC sheet as per character creation guidelines for that character type. Note that NPCs do not gain Experience.
  4. Function Field - Note that this is an important field for quick look up of NPC type for the STs. Please place the NPC's designated function in that field. For example: Driver, Bodyguard, Personal Assistant, Mentor, Apprentice, etc.
  5. Click the submit button when finished. Note that this button also will save a NPC in progress so that you can come back and edit the sheet later.

Viewing and Editing an NPC

  1. Go to the View NPCs Tab in your Character Dossier for the character who has the NPC you want to edit.
  2. The table will now be populated with the NPC or NPCs you have entered.
  3. Click on the name of the NPC to go to his or her character sheet.
  4. If your NPC has not been sanctioned yet, you will be able to make edits.
  5. Click the button to submit.
  6. Once a NPC is sanctioned, the name link will go to a view only version of the sheet.
  7. There is a back button at the bottom of both the edit and view only versions of the sheet for your convenience. This will bring you back to the View NPCs landing page. See the figure on this page.

Sanctioning an NPC

  1. If you don't have a character in World of Darkness: Gotham, you will need to create a sanctioning ticket for your PC. In your ticket's message body, indicate to the STs that you have NPC sheets that also need to be sanctioned.
  2. If you already have a SANCTIONED character in World of Darkness: Gotham, then you will create a SHEETCHANGE ticket for your NPC.
  3. STs will enter a dialogue with you via ticket to request any changes or clarifications.
  4. Once the ST is satisfied, they will mark your NPC sanctioned and your character sheet for that NPC will change to view only.
  5. You can see your sanctioned and unsanctioned NPCs in the sanctioned column as in the figure on this page.

Available NPC Types

Venue Association and Availability

You may only make NPC types associated with your venue. For example, a Werewolf Player can make a Kinfolk NPC, but cannot make a Ghoul supporting NPC, etc.

Backgrounds with NPCs

Players may create NPCs for the following Background Types ONLY:

  • Retainers - 1 NPC sheet per dot in the background. They may not be supernatural with the exception of Ghouls for Kindred. This NPC is controlled by the player.
  • Cult, Herd, Kinfolk, Followers - 1 NPC sheet per dot to act as a template for all NPCs who serve in that function. These NPCs are controlled by the player. Vampires can have a portion of their herd as ghouls. See: Herd.
  • Mentor - 1 NPC sheet. Use standard creation rules for your Player Character's venue, adding the freebies according to the mentor chart provided (Kindred have Kindred mentors, Mages have Mage mentors, Garou have Garou mentors, Mortals have Mortal mentors.). This NPC is controlled by the STs, but may be used on a limited basis in player driven storylines with the permission of other players involved in that storyline. See: WoDG Wiki - Mentors
    • IMPORTANT MENTOR NOTE! - If your Player Character's mentor was assigned by the STs, then you will not make a NPC sheet for them. Mages who have not taken dots in mentor and/or are using the chantry's mentorship program, do not make NPC sheets for mentors. Assigned or provided mentors, are ALWAYS under the control of the STs. They may not be NPCed by the players at any time.
  • Familiar - MtA specific NPC. Please follow Forged in Dragon's Fire Creation Rules for Familiars. Banned Charms: Countermagic and Paradox Nullification. This NPC is controlled by the player. They may not take Merits or Flaws, but they can take Secondary Abilities.

Adversarial Background with NPCs

Players create NPCs for the following Adversarial Background Types ONLY. Other types are created by the STs (Enemy, Mob, etc.):

  • Ward - 1 NPC sheet to act as a template for all wards. These are mortal NPCs only and are controlled by the STs. However, they may be used on a limited basis in player driven storylines with the permission of other players involved in that storyline. Wards have been phased out and are no longer in use. --Thing 1 00:41, 24 January 2017 (EST)
  • Apprentice - 1 NPC sheet that follows standard character creation rules for your character's venue. This NPC is controlled by the STs, but may be used on a limited basis in player driven storylines with the permission of other players involved in that storyline. The PC and the NPC must match in type (Kindred have Kindred apprentices, Mages have Mage apprentices, Garou have Garou apprentices, Mortals have Mortal apprentices.). Apprentices have been phased out and are no longer in use. --Thing 1 00:41, 24 January 2017 (EST)

Experience For NPCs

The NPCs in the game, especially those attached to our characters, play an important part in WoDG. They have their own motivations and dreams. They are far from static and unchanging beings. Players may not be interested in investing Experience for NPCs belonging to newer player characters as they are busy building up their main characters. For some it may make sense, especially after time goes by, to improve and develop NPCs. Trusted bodyguards, assistants, or whatever the NPC might be will likely need to keep pace with your character in order for them to continue to be of use. It is for this reason that we allow for growth and advancement of those NPCs.

NPCs do not gain Experience. Experience from your player character is used to pay for expenditures for your NPCs. Expenditures must be justified just as you do with your player character. You can do this by indicating on your downtime ticket that the NPC is spending a portion of his schedule improving himself.

As NPCs are not player characters, they increase their trait ratings at a slower rate. Your player characters are special, leading characters. Your NPCs are there as support. Therefore, there is an increase in all learning times for NPCs of 25%.

Also, like player characters, NPCs have a graduated level of advancement. As you spend more and more Experience on them, it will be more expensive to increase their traits.

Further, documenting and justifying trait increases must make sense for your NPC’s character concept, type, and story conditions in the setting. You also have to explain how they are learning what they are learning. Those that attempt to exploit the system or make twinkish justifications for ratings your NPC has no business having, will be banned from the privilege of developing their NPCs.

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