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NERF Vulcan Gun (Foam Pellet)

The Vulcan EBF-25 is a fully automatic machine gun, fitted with a removable tripod. This blaster resembles the M249 SAW (as it does not bear a stock like most machine guns). It was the first N-Strike blaster to be belt fed (earlier Nerf products had experimented with belt operation in the 1990s, including the RotoTrak, Chainblazer, and Razorbeast) and is currently the only one to use it. It can be fired in bolt action single-shot mode or full-auto mode with 6 D batteries. The blaster has three tactical rails that can be used to mount additional accessories such as a targeting sight. A single belt, which holds 25 darts, will fit into the ammo box on the side of the gun, and additional belts can be purchased separately. Sometimes it is known to jam (almost the same as the Mech Tommy 20) due to its unreliable feed system, even though it fires faster than the Stampede. The Vulcan has also been heavily panned for its 7-pound weight, thus hindering mobility. Though it sports a carry handle, and a strap can be hooked onto the blaster, which will make up for the movement problem. Though the carry handle has had its own criticism, as it gets in the way of the top tactical rail, making it difficult to mount on/remove some accessories (typically the Longshot scope). But despite this criticism, the Vulcan still remains in high popularity among almost all Nerf fans. Also it is popular gun to mod, including larger ammo belts, increasing firing speed, and fully automated sentry turret (which it can be controlled by a computer).

NERF Vulcan Gun (Foam Pellet)
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